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Item: Bracelet Bangle

Materials: Sterling silver 925

Gemstones: Aquamarine and Kyanite

Made by:  Yannis and Andeas Kosmidis


 Kyanite or disthene is white, greenish, blue, blue/grey striped. The stone is layered, transparent or opaque with a glass or mother-of-pearl sheen. operation Kyanite is a spiritual stone with a calming and balancing effect. The stone has a calming effect, brings inner peace. It makes spontaneous, empathetic and encourages self-expression and communication. It also promotes clarity of mind, logical and rational thinking, and honesty and sincerity. Spiritually it increases our psychic abilities and intuition. The stone works grounding and cleanses the chakras and aura and balances them.



Art bracelet

SKU: W.2019.S/gem
155,00 €Τιμή
Πολύτιμοι λίθοι
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