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And if Yannis Kosmidis is inspired by ART, he makes a piece of jewelry like this. Artistic and wearable, beautiful and ideal. A popular line of ours, a beautiful ring and yet also refined. The POWER of this beautiful gemstone: a warm green TOURMALINE makes this ring perfect. The power of this gem is a wish for everyone to wear. You buy a piece of art for yourself.


Item: Ring

Made by Yannis Kosmidis

Gemstone: Tourmaline

Material: Sterling Silver 925


Tourmaline green tourmaline, Tourmaline has a grounding, protective and cleansing effect. It is a very suitable stone to use as protection against all kinds of negative energy and radiation. The stone does this in several ways: it acts as a kind of shield, helps drain negative energy and converts negative energy into positive energy. This cleans and balances the aura energy channels. Tourmaline helps you to stand in your power and adopt a relaxed and confident posture. Tourmaline not only has a positive effect on people and animals, but also on plants and trees. The stone provides natural protection and stimulates growth and flowering.



Art ring

SKU: W.2952/gem
135,00 €Τιμή
Πολύτιμοι λίθοι: Τουρμαλίνη
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