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A beautiful, modern bangle bracelet made of Sterling silver. A comfortable piece to wear. Set with Ruby Doublet stones on the ending of both sides.


Handmade item

Materials: Sterling silver 925

Gemstones: Ruby Doublet


Just like Sapphire, Ruby ​​is a variant of the corundum mineral, a mineral that forms hexagonal cylindrical crystals. The red corundum (brown-black to pink-red) is called Ruby ​​and other colors are called Sapphire.

Ruby provides strength and energy and has a strong activating effect. The stone activates the heart chakra and stimulates passion, motivation, enthusiasm, spontaneity, romantic activity, a positive attitude and abundance. Ruby makes strong and has protecting qualities. It promotes a clear, sharp view, concentration and helps to set realistic goals.

Bangle bracelet with doublet stone

100,00 €Τιμή
Πολύτιμοι λίθοι: Ruby Doublet
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