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A very fine and elegant ring made by Yannis Kosmidis that is light and easy to wear. This ring is made from a fine Silver wire that is twisted around while the Emerald is held by four 18 carat gold prongs. A ring to cherish with its beautiful combination of sparkling silver, gold setting and the marvelous green Emerald.


Handmade item designed and crafted by Yannis Kosmidis

Materials: Sterling silver 925 /18 carat gold

Gemstone: Emerald

Ring size:  54


Emerald is transparent to translucent and bright green in color with a glassy sheen. The stone belongs to the beryl family. It activates the heart chakra and stimulates love, inspiration, openness, sincerity, positivity, enjoyment of life and a sense of unity and thus has a positive effect on relationships, friendships and cooperation in groups. It promotes spiritual growth, foresight and clarity of mind, purpose, alertness, balance and helps overcome adversity and can stimulate clairvoyance.

Silver & Gold Ring with Gemstone

SKU: W.328.S/G
199,00 €Τιμή
Πολύτιμοι λίθοι: Σμαράγδι
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