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A nice ring with a band made of refined balls. Very comfortable to wear. A Copper Turquoise doublet stone has been set in silver.


Materilas: Sterling silver 925

Handmade item by Yannis Kosmidis & Mariska van Damme

Gemstone: Copper Turquoise doublet stone.

Ring size: 56


Turquoise is sky blue, teal or apple green in color. It is a strong healing, purifying and protective stone. It brings balance: Turquoise can have a calming effect and provide inner peace, but also has a vitalizing effect. 

It promotes creativity in problem solving, empathy and (romantic) love. Turquoise protects against negative energy, radiation, influences and substances.

Silver ring with Copper Turquoise Doublet

SKU: W.203.S/D
95,00 €Τιμή
Πολύτιμοι λίθοι: Διπλό Χάλκινο Τυρκουάζ
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