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An impressive piece of jewelry, this handcrafted Sterling Silver ring. A beautiful Pearl is set on one end and is embraced by the band that erupts into six individually set and Garnet gemstones. Wearing this is a piece of art on your hand.

Handmade item

Materials: Sterling silver 925

Gemstones: Pearl and Garnet (Almandine)


Garnet is the perfect stone for crisis situations and when searching for a new outlook on life. The stone gives strength and energy, perseverance, stamina, self-confidence, will power and vitality. It promotes hope, courage, optimism and joie de vivre.


The red variety of Garnet is also known as Almandine. As additional properties, Almandine makes decisive and increases perseverance.


The soft and purifying energy of Pearl brings tranquility, peace and enlightenment. The purifying effect does not only concern the body but also the mind and soul. It stimulates qualities such as honesty, integrity, understanding, insight, wisdom and acceptance (of yourself and others).

Silver ring with Pearls and granaat

SKU: W.291.S/gem
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