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A unique necklace with an Amber gemstone. This Amber is a King Amber, found in the area of the Baltic sea. The color is amazing, deep yellow, with a beautiful texture. The gemstone is held by a modern silver pendant, a lovely combination.


Handmade item

Gemstone: King Amber

Materials: Silver, and Stainless Steel


Amber, also called Barnstone, is a fossil resin millions of years old. Amber is usually yellow to reddish brown in color but can also be green, blue or black. Amber has a cleansing and protective effect. The powerful but soft energy of this stone brings balance to the (energy) body and helps reduce negative emotions and emotional and physical pain. It makes you happy, stable and resilient and gives self-confidence.


Amber Necklace

SKU: W.512.S/p
Gemstones: Amber
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