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This bracelet was made inspired by a design made by Paris Kosmidis who follows his education at the Jewelry and Craft school in STEMNITSA, the mainland of Greece.

A beautiful bracelet with a cool outlook and classic enough for everyday and absolutely easy to wear. Here you can see where a gemstone can give the right thought to a piece of jewelry.

A deep blue rozecut color Kyanite is set in this bracelet and completes the piece of jewelry. This jewelry works well for all occasions, styles and ages. A wonderful collaboration of Yannis Kosmidis and his sons is presented to you again.


Item: Bracelet

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

Gemstone: Kyanite

Made by: Yannis and Paris Kosmidis


Kyanite or disthene is white, greenish, blue, blue/grey striped. The stone is layered, transparent or opaque with a glass or pearl luster.  Kyanite is a spiritual stone with a calming and balancing effect. It helps us take control of our own lives and to see that we are not puppets of fate but can shape our own future. The stone has a calming effect, brings inner peace and helps to break through our blockages and fears. It makes spontaneous, empathetic and encourages self-expression and communication. It also promotes clarity of mind, logical and rational thinking, and honesty and sincerity. Spiritually it increases our psychic abilities and intuition and helps with meditation and connecting with guides.

Art bracelet with Kyanite

SKU: W.2018.S/gem
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