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Item: Earrings

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

Gemstones: Tourmaline

Made by: Yannis en Andreas Kosmidis


A nice beautiful collection, an inspiration from Yannis Kosmidis with his passion for gemstones. Gemstones have inspired us for years, and in these years we have learned a lot about the gem. The way we work with them and the way they fit into a piece of jewelry. And especially combining different gemstones. Of course tourmalines are a favorite of ours, as they are rich in beautiful earth colors. Green is warm and sweet, pink is beautiful and soft. Here you see a finely beautiful set of earrings, refined and elegant.


Tourmaline is transparent to translucent with a vitreous luster and can be a variety of colors. Some other types of tourmaline are: blue tourmaline (indigolite), yellow tourmaline, green tourmaline, pink tourmaline (rubellie)


Operation: Tourmaline has a grounding, protective and cleansing effect. It is a very suitable stone to use as protection against all kinds of negative energy and radiation. The stone does this in different ways: it acts as a kind of shield, helps to drain negative energy and converts negative energy into positive energy. Tourmaline helps you to stand in your strength and adopt a relaxed and confident attitude. Tourmaline not only has a positive effect on people and animals, but also on plants and trees. The stone provides natural protection and stimulates growth and flowering.

Fine earrings with Tourmaline

SKU: W.413.E/gem
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