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Two lovely bright green Emeralds are set in a pair of Goldplated stud earrings. The stones have a nice rough surface. A matte finish makes these earrings extra special.


Handmade item

Materials: Sterling silver 925 and Goldplating

Gemstones: Emeralds


Emerald is transparent to translucent and bright green in color with a glassy sheen. The stone belongs to the beryl family. It activates the heart chakra and stimulates love, inspiration, openness, sincerity, positivity, enjoyment of life and a sense of unity and thus has a positive effect on relationships, friendships and cooperation in groups. It promotes spiritual growth, foresight and clarity of mind, purpose, alertness, balance and helps overcome adversity and can stimulate clairvoyance.

Goldplated earrings with an Emerald gemstone

SKU: W.402.E/gp
Gemstones: Emerald
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