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A very beautiful necklace of 14 carat gold, a jewel for a woman, a timeless design. I would like to show you how beautiful this Aquamarine gemstone is, look at the color, this amazing bleu of the sea and feel this gem.

A very clear Aqua in this modern setting makes this piece of jewelery even more special. This is a piece of jewelry that you can wear every day for any occasion sporty, casual and chic. Buy this piece and wear it!


Aquamarine can be colorless, blue, greenish to green and yellowish in color. The stone is transparent to translucent with a vitreous luster and belongs to the beryl group. operation Aquamarine has a strong calming effect, both mentally and physically. It makes sincere, honest, tolerant, carefree, relaxed and cheerful. It helps you get into the flow and live in the moment. It promotes communication and knowledge transfer and helps to express ideas and concepts well and therefore supports public speaking or standing in front of the class. It is a good stone to wear when things need to be completed, because it makes dynamic, persistent, goal-oriented and successful. It clears the mind when you are confused, sharpens perception and promotes self-expression.


Item: Aquamarine necklace

Material: Golden chain K14/585, Pendent K18/750


Gemstone: High Quality Aquamarine

Made by Yannis Kosmidis




Modern Aquamarine Necklace

SKU: W.605.G/gem
Gemstones: Aquamarine high quality
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