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A very nice Necklace, a piece of art. The Pendant is a combination of Silver and Gold.

The gemstone is a beautiful Prehnite and set in 18 carate gold. The color combination of this green gemstone is perfect with the golden rim.

The special way we treated the silver pendant we call "Reburned", where we heat the silver, gives the necklace its impressive effect.

The choker is stainless steel.


Handmade item

Materials: Sterling silver 925/ 18  carat gold/ 750

Gemstone: Prehnite


Prehnite is colorless to white, gray, greenish to pear green. The stone is transparent to translucent with a glassy to pearly shine. It is a calming stone that promotes personal and spiritual growth and helps to provide insight into yourself. The stone promotes love, rest, peace and healing. The stone also improves the senses and analytical thinking. Prehnite has a strong connection with nature.

Necklace Silver & Gold

SKU: W.338.S/G
Gemstones: Prehnite
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