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A very impressive Opal necklace. The gemstones used are Ethiopian Opals with a beautiful, warm, soft color. The stones are button shaped and make up a degrante style necklace (smaller stones on the ends and bigger towards the middle).


Length of the necklace: 43.5 cm

Materials: Sterling silver 925

Gemstone: Ethiopian Opal


Opal can be colorless, white, black, pink, orange and highly iridescent. The stone is transparent to translucent and has a glass to resinous luster. Different types exist, often depending on colour, for example: hyalite (colorless), cacholong (white), fire opal (orange with pearly shine), precious opal (highly iridescent), Andean opal, girasol opal and chrysopal. Dendrite opal has inclusions and is also known as merlinite.

Opal is a protective and activating stone. It makes people happy, optimistic, full of life, spontaneous, original, creative and stimulates an interest in art and appreciation for beautiful things. The stone also has a strong connection with love and passion.

Opal necklace

SKU: W.701.GEM/O
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