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A very lovely Pearl bracelet. Very feminine and classic piece of jewelry, soft and easy to wear. Made by Mariska Kosmidis, she likes to express her passion for pearls and share this with her customers. Pearls are a must have in your jewelry collection. The bracelet has a nice Gold plated bead in a wire shape, set in the center. Pearls are warm, elegant and unique because they have their own shape, easy to combine with any other gemstone.

A pearl is organic and is formed by certain mollusks.


Handmade item by Mariska Kosmidis

Gemstones: Pearls 

Materials: Gold plated Sterling silver 925. The bracelet is strung on stainless steel wire.

Allergy free.

Important to know: do not spray pearls with perfume as this can reduce the shine.


About the Pearl: The soft and purifying energy of pearl brings tranquility, peace and enlightenment. The purifying effect does not only concern the body but also the mind and soul. It stimulates qualities such as honesty, integrity, understanding, insight, wisdom and acceptance (of yourself and others). It helps release and releases stress and negative emotions such as anger and guilt.

Pearl bracelet

SKU: W.B1.gem/P
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