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An elegant Ring with a double gemstone combination, chosen according to the most beautiful color combination in blue. The gemstones Kyanite and Tanzanite are beautiful blue and blue purple shades. This ring gives you everything, a surprise on the hand. Wearing a double-stone ring is beautiful. We are very successful in creating this shape of art. It was chosen to make this ring in gold plated. New collection 2023


Item: Ring

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

                      Gold Plated

Made by: Yannis Kosmidis

Gemstones: Kyanite and Tanzanite


anzanite is a variant of zoisite and is blue and purple in color, often with overflow between these colors within one specimen. The stone is transparent to translucent with a vitreous to pearlescent sheen. Zoisite helps you to be yourself and to free yourself from the influence of others. It helps you to find and follow your own path and to stop adapting to others if that is not desirable. In addition to these general properties of zoisite, tanzanite has a strong spiritual effect. It promotes deep meditation and helps connect with angels, guides and sources of spiritual knowledge.



Ring Twofold gemstones

SKU: W.2954.gem
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