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A cool ring, a double band, modern and classic. A Sterling silver 925 ring. Always a good fit. Can be combined effortlessly with other jewelry. A beautiful gemstone, a Kyanite is set in the center of the ring.


Handmade item by Yannis Kosmidis

Materials: Sterling silver / 925

Gemstone: Kyanite

Ring size 55


Kyanite or disthene is white, greenish, blue, blue/gray striped. The stone is layered, transparent or opaque with a glass or pearl luster. A sensitive stone that needs gentle treatment.

Kyanite is a spiritual stone with a calming and balanced effect. It helps us take control of our own lives and shape our future. The stone has a calming effect, brings inner peace and helps to break through our blockages and fears. It is spontaneous, empathetic and encourages self-expression and communication. It also promotes clarity of mind, logical and rational thinking, and being honest and sincere.

Art ring silver with a Kyanite

SKU: W.290.S/gem
Gemstones: Kyanite
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