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A beautiful flexible silver bracelet graced by an oval shaped Azurite Doublet gemstone. It's an absolutely statement piece by our own design.


Handmade item by Kosmidis jewelry

Materials: Sterling silver 925

Gemstone: Azurite Doublet

Size of gemstone is 17.5 mm by 13 mm

Length of the bracelet is 17.9 cm and 1.1 cm wide


Azurite is a dark blue transparent to translucent stone and has a glassy shine. It is a highly insightful and healing stone. The stone stimulates intuitive development and insights and helps dealing with negative feelings and emotions. The stone has a cleansing effect on body, mind and the chakras.

Silver bracelet with doublet stone

SKU: W. BR. DB(7)
Gemstones: Azurite doublet
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