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With great pleasure we started this collection, a new line of jewelry where we work with Dubblet gemstones. Dubblet's work means an original gemstone of Copper Turqouise has been used and a crystal has been placed over it. This technique gives a special expression to the gemstone. Here you can see the Earrings from our collection, beautiful work, stylish, modern and elegant, a balance that we often work on in our jewelry. These earrings are sophisticated and a pleasure to wear. Aswell because the copper color in the gemstones makes these earrings easy to combine with gold jewelry.


Item: Earrings

Materials: Sterling Silver 925

Gemstone: Copper Turquoise Dubblet

Made by Yannis and Andreas Kosmidis


Turquoise is a highly healing, purifying and protective stone. It brings balance: turquoise can have a calming effect and provide inner peace, but it also has a vitalizing effect when exhausted. It has a positive effect on depression.

Silver Earrings Dubblet

SKU: W.225.S/D
Gemstones: Copper Turquoise doublet
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