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A very beautiful ring in the collection of Kosmidis jewelry. This ring is made of a wide silver band treated with a technique we call "burned silver". We burn the outside part of the ring for many hours so it will get a nice gritty texture. Also, oxidation gives it an impressive dark grey look. A Red Tourmaline gemstone, shaped like a droplet, is set in 18-carat gold.


Handmade item designed and crafted by Yannis Kosmidis

Materials: Sterling silver / 925, 18 carat gold / 750

Gemstone: Red Tourmaline

Ring size: 54


Tourmaline is transparent to translucent with a glassy sheen and can be of various colors. It has a grounding, protective and cleansing effect. It is a very suitable stone to use as protection against all kinds of negative energy and radiation. The stone does this in several ways: it acts as a kind of shield, helps dissipate negative energy and converts negative energy into positive energy. This cleanses and balances the aura energy pathways. Tourmaline helps you to stand in your power and adopt a relaxed and confident posture.


In addition to the general properties of Tourmaline, red Tourmaline or Rubellite promotes vitality, energy, zest for life and passion. In addition, the stone improves social, diplomatic, tactful and flexible qualities.

Silver & Gold Ring with Gemstone

SKU: W.318.S/G
Gemstones: Tourmaline
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