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A lovely pendant, with an oval shaped Lapis lazuli set in Sterling silver. It comes with a nice basic Silver chain.


Handmade item

Materials: Sterling silver / 925

Natural gemstone: Lapis Lazuli.


Lapis lazuli consists for the most part of the mineral lazurite (blue) with often also some calcite (white), sodalite (blue) and pyrite (gold).

Lapis lazuli is a very spiritual stone. It promotes spiritual strength, spiritual skills, astral travel, enlightenment, wisdom and provides inner peace and tranquility. The stone is honest, sincere and helps find and accept inner truth. It helps you be yourself and walk your own path. The stone promotes creativity, objectivity and clarity of mind.

Silver pendant with Lapis lazuli

SKU: W.237.S/gem
Gemstones: lapiz lazuli
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