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Kosmidis Jewelry is a well-known jewelry store in the market street of Molyvos, a beautiful village in the Northern part of Lesvos. Yannis Kosmidis is the owner and main designer of the unique items we sell.


Yannis opened the shop in 1985 to sell special design pieces, like rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in silver, gold & silver with gold. We have an amazing collection of precious stones, like diamonds, emeralds and rubies and semi-precious stones, like aquamarine, turquoise, amatist and more. These gem stones can be setted in different pieces of jewelry. The collection of jewelry and gem stones is enormously.


Yannis is running the shop with his Dutch wife Mariska van Damme and his eldest son Andreas. A big part of the collection is designed and hand made by ourselves. The shop is an interesting place to visit, to get inspired to choose the piece of jewelry that suits you. The personal attention, expertise and love for jewelry distinguishes us from others.


In our atelier new pieces of jewelry are created every day, ready to be displayed and sold in the shop and from now on also in our web-shop. We hope you enjoy the Kosmidis Jewelry collection on-line and select your unique, beautiful piece of jewelry.

Kosmidis shop in Molyvos
Kosmidis Workshop
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