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A beautiful ring made from a sturdy silver wire. Two beautiful gemstones are set in silver frames and they make this ring very special. We made a combination of a Moonstone and a Tourmaline. The tougher work of this ring and the refined gemstones, give this ring a lot of guts. You will enjoy wearing it and it is easy to combine with other jewelry.


Handmade by Yannis Kosmidis

Materials: Sterling silver 925

Gemstones: Moonstone and Tourmaline


About the gemstones of this ring:

Moonstone is an orthoclase variant with sometimes a bluish cat-eye effect. The stone is pearly white, yellow to blue with a pearly shine. Moonstone has a strong connection with the moon and feminine energy. The stone promotes intuition and fertility and has a calming effect on the emotional life. Moonstone also has a strong effect on sleep and dreams and helps with insomnia and helps to remember dreams better.


Tourmaline has a grounding, protective and cleansing effect. It is a very suitable stone to use as protection against all kinds of negative energy and radiation. The stone does this in several ways: it acts as a kind of shield, helps dissipate negative energy and converts negative energy into positive energy. Tourmaline not only has a positive effect on people and animals, but also on plants and trees. The stone provides natural protection and stimulates growth and flowering.

Art ring with gemstones

SKU: W.271.S/gem
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