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And there it is, the first ring of the new collection 2021! A beautiful modern ring with an almost olive green Peridot set in a silver band. The very warm natural deep colour of the gemstone can be well combined with other colours and jewels. Emerge yourself into the lush colour of the Peridot and the organic feel of the band.


Handmade item by Yannis Kosmidis

Materials: Sterling silver 925

Gemstone: Peridote

Ring size: 53


Peridot is yellow-green and olive green to dark green. The stone is translucent to transparent with a glassy shine. Peridot is a protective and cleansing stone. The stone helps to detach yourself from the negative influences of others. Peridot has an activating effect, it makes you independent and assertive and helps you to follow your own path.

Peridot Ring

SKU: W.292.S/gem
Gemstones: Peridote
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