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And again Yannis Kosmidis shows that he is an artist in creating a beautiful ring. This time he works with a rough gemstone. With passion we choose a powerful dark warm purple gemstone: the Amatist.

A nice tough bend has been worked on and a beautiful Amatist has been set. This ring is pleasant to wear and an absolute extra in your jewelry collection.


Materials: Sterling Silver 925

Gemstone: Amatist

Made by Yannis Kosmidis


The Amethyst is a lilac to dark purple, translucent stone with a glassy sheen.

The stone belongs to the macrocrystalline quartz family, methist has a protective and purifying effect. The stone promotes self-insight and helps you to be honest with yourself about behavior that can be harmful and not in the service of your highest self. For example, it helps you to identify and deal with addictions. Amethyst is also very suitable for purifying a room because of its cleansing effect. Together with rock crystal and rose quartz it creates a harmonious atmosphere.


Rought Amethyst ring

SKU: W.2949/gem
Gemstones: Amathyst
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